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Meet The Leadership

Judy L. Gunn, LCSW, a graduate from Western Michigan University, earned her masters degree in Social Work from the University of Georgia.  As a lifelong learner she has pursued training in trauma with the Trauma Incident Reduction Metapsychology Association and is a Certified TIR Facilitator and in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and in Supervision.  She is a member of The Academy of Social Workers and is a member of The National Association of Social Workers and has over 40 years of clinical experience in Psychoeducational Programs in Michigan and Georgia, faith based Non-Profits, and through private practice.

Her primary focus and passion is trauma and couples therapy and is considered a relationship expert.  Understanding how people relate to their world, to each other and helping them resolve the conditions that make them feel stuck foundationally so that they can experience true wellness in their own life, is her calling. Jude enjoys yoga, meditation, tai chi, and is an avid reader, participating in a book club for years.

She adores her 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren and being able to pass down her passion for wellness in their lives. She also extends her expertise and experience to serve the community, by  serving on several committees, as an adjunct, and a board member.    

Dr. J., is a licensed, accredited, and specialized practitioner, writer, entrepreneur, passionate philanthropist, and an unwavering visionary, who believes in YOU.  A lifelong learner, she conferred a Doctor of Philosophy, with over 30 years of experience and expertise in human psychology, and several nonallopathic modalities that enhance her specialization in the eradication of the aftermath of trauma and pain on the mind, body, and soul, to release health and achieve wellness. 

Through a real-life platform from overcoming childhood sexual trauma to the international transformational expert and thought-leader, she is today, Dr. J. has authored several bestselling books, published numerous authors, is the President and CEO of a nonprofit Elite Foundation (combating human trafficking), sits on several boards, and is a sought-after speaker, who has shared stages with prominent scholars and innovators in her field and passion-work.

A professor, educator, and the creator of several empirically sound integrative healing protocols that are fundamental to mastery practice of sustainable wellness. Dr. J co-created an innovative and multifaceted approach design specifically for you; “Our platform guides you on how to go from where you are to where you want to be. Facilitating transformation through change for wellness is my area of mastery.” 

We practice sustainability of wellness in everything we do.



The culture of our practice provides choices to equip you best to restore your mind, body, and soul wellbeing, by enhancing these aspects of your health.



Optimal health comes from wellness. By making decisions and practicing behaviors that are based on sound health knowledge and healthful attitudes cultivated by access to resources and professionals skilled and trained to help you.



We can’t eliminate life stresses, but we can be intentional in response by learning lifestyle choices to prevent these stressors from wearing us down.

WellBe Theory™ addresses the changing needs of consumers and practitioners alike seeking to enhance social consciousness through wellness.

Join our team of expert consociates to broaden your reach, impact, and professional efficacy from sustainable results.

Some Integrated Approaches to Best Practice

  •       Trauma Incident Reduction
  •       Cognitive Behavioral  Therapy
  •       Narrative Theory
  •       Life Coaching
  •       Experiential Therapy
  •       Person Centered Therapy
  •       Brief Solution Focused Therapy
  •       Psychodynamic
  •       Play Therapy
  •       Role Play Therapy
  •       Mindfulness
  •       Emotionally Focused Therapy
  •       Life-Stress Reduction
  •       Reality Testing
  •       Insight Oriented
  •       Humanistic Therapy
  •       Dialectical Behavior Therapy